The Best Care for your Best Friend

Hi, I’m Genevieve and I am a fully qualified and registered Veterinary Nurse. Previous to starting up Cosy Paws I was working at my local vets for six and a half years. I worked my way up from being a receptionist to Deputy Head nurse in this time.

I also have a particular interest in animal behaviour, so I am currently undertaking a self-funded Nursing Certificate in Animal Behaviour and will achieve this certificate later this year.

I have had many pets over the years; guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, hamsters, cats and dogs. I grew up as a baby with two Dobermanns then as they got older, we took on two Dachshunds (sausage dogs). But now my pets are my pet sits, so they are as important to me as to you.

I like to think my qualification as a Veterinary Nurse gives you extra peace of mind if anything were to unfortunately happen while you were away, as can rarely happen. At least you know that I am capable of doing everything possible to help your pet at this worrying time. However, I do not believe in charging more because of my qualification, I think any pet sitter should be capable of dealing with the good and bad that comes with looking after someone’s much loved pet.

Genevive Helm • Veterinary Nurse