Dog Walks

Group walk – £15

Solo walk – £20

Dog Daycare

Adult daycare – £25

  • £20 for additional dog

Puppy daycare – £30

Pick up/drop off fee – £1.50 each way


£35 per 24hrs

  • £28 for additional dog

Pick up/drop off fee – £10

Cat Sitting

1-2 cats

  • Once a day visit – £10
  • Twice a day visit – £17

+ £2 per cat if more than 2 cats in the

Small Furry

£5 per animal (+£3 per extra small furry)

For dogs boarding/walking with me, prior to their first stay/walk I like to do a trial day/walk, which is of no extra cost to you. I also have forms that must be completed prior to their first stay/walk.

Unfortunately I am unable to walk/board females while they are in season.

Also dogs that have aggressive tendencies towards other dogs or people are unable to be boarded with me.
Holiday days are charged at time and a half. Except Christmas, Boxing Day & New Years, which are charged at twice the normal rate.

As a Registered Veterinary Nurse I am able to help with pets that have special needs or need medicating, if you need this extra service please enquire for prices and whether I would be able to help.

I know realistically there are very rare occasions where I may not be able to be the prime sitter for your pet, so I do have a few trusted colleagues that help me at these times. However, if this was to happen, I would always make you aware of the situation and allow you the chance to meet ‘my stand-in’ The people I rely on to help me are also often veterinary trained and like myself are fully insured.